Silhouette Series: This body of work includes large-scale graphite drawings on paper, and more modestly sized ink drawings on vellum. In each work, I reduce a selected image to a symbol by making it a silhouette.

By paying meticulous attention to the image's edge, building up layers of marks, and creating a unique object that is obviously handmade, I charge the symbol with added meaning.

I enjoy exploring the tenuous balance between locking the image in a surface of heavily worked graphite or ink, and its disintegration toward the edges of the paper or vellum. But I am also intent on making beautiful drawings that exploit the silver iridescence of graphite and the mysterious blackness of ink.

In the black-on-black drawings, I introduce a now-you-see-it, now-you-don't experience for the viewer, which also alludes to darker psychological content particular symbols may hold.

Black Market (2012) Black Capital (2012)